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Hi - Im new and thought I would give you a bit of history.

I myself have been diagnosed with IBS which is set off by certain foods - my doctor refuses to test me (well its my old doctor now) and literally said that i will have to find out what causes the reaction by trial and error.

My 6 month old has been partially diagnosed with a milk protein intolerance - as in doc said it sounds like one, try him on a dairy free diet and we will review him, and also refer him to a dietician.

well on the dairy free diet he has been so MUCH better, he is happier when eating, gaining weight - ok only a little bit but hey anything is better than nothing! and is generally happier. we have a check up with the original doc in a couple of weeks but have to wait another 2 months for the appointment with the dietician.

Now with him having a milk protein intolerance got me to thinking - could I have the same, as I dont drink milk I had never thought taht I could have an intolerance to it, but upon doing som research as to what foods my son could and couldnt have I was amazed at just what has milk protein!

so yeah I have gone on a dairy free/minimal dairy diet and I'm feeling much better.

does anyone have any hints/tips on a dairy free diet for babies/toddlers?
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